Sava Trifold


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4" x 3" x 1"


My affinity for adventure in Italy and Europe exploring old inns, villages, markets, countrysides, visiting with purveyors of timeless handbags and distinctive fashion accessories-culminates in leather craftsmanship of vintage Italian bags. The Sava Trifold has an authentic look and has up to the minute functional features:

  • Deep Embossed Floret
  • Signature Hardware
  • Heavy Hand-crafted Stitch
  • Burned edge finish
  • 3 compartments on front secured with snap and signature elastic
  • 1 compartment on back with kiss lock closure

Sava Trifold

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Handcrafted Detail • Old World Leather

Patricia Nash brings genuine leather to life through bags that speak a language of timeless form, with european detailing and expert tooling, smartly outfitted in unique old-style hardware. Leather this rich only looks better with age and spirited travels.